Critical Race Theory Drives Students Apart. Idaho Lawmakers Had Enough
Jonathan Butcher
Apr 30, 2021

Officials at an Idaho middle school tried pressuring teachers to judge students by the color of their skin. But state lawmakers rejected this application of critical race theory, a deeply divisive philosophy driving many federal, state, and local policies today.

[Video] What Is Critical Race Theory?
Apr 26, 2021

Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s coming to a high school, college, or workplace diversity training session near you. What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it?

Keep Racist Critical Race Theory Ideology Out of K-12 Classrooms
Jonathan Butcher & Mike Gonzalez
Apr 22, 2021

How would you feel if your child came home from school and said her teacher had told her that everything that happens in the world is “racist” and that she’s part of the problem because of the color of her skin?

You Have to Read This Letter
Bari Weiss
Apr 17, 2021

A New York father pulls his daughter out of Brearley with a message to the whole school. Is the dam starting to break?

[Video] Helen Zille on Wokeness
The Daily Friend
Apr 15, 2021

Join Nicholas Lorimer and Gabriel Crouse for an exclusive interview with DA Federal Council Chairman, Helen Zille, about her new book '#StayWoke Go Broke' and why she thinks the American culture wars are so bad for South Africa.

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