The lie of CRT
Paul Trewhela
Jul 14, 2021

‘Critical race theory’ is a liar about the history of Africa, and of black people. It suppresses all reference to the thirteen hundred years of Islamic enslavement of black Africans

Prof Modiri’s straw-man defence of CRT
Ivo Vegter
Jul 14, 2021

Professor Joel Modiri, a critical race theorist in academia, claims attacks on critical race theory are marked by aggression, bad faith, racist anxiety and ignorance. They aren’t, but his defence is.

CRT: the next challenge for schools to face
Jul 05, 2021

The Constitution should be the lodestar for transformation charters in schools. Teaching children to judge other children by the colour of their skin is is counter to the ethos of the Constitution.

Activist Teachers: the new priestly class?
Caiden Lang
Jul 02, 2021

A former pleads with teachers imbued with the spirit of Social Justice and Critical Pedagogy not to harm his child in the name of a new religious dogma.

Stop Gaslighting Parents on Critical Race Theory
Max Eden for RealClear Policy
Jul 01, 2021

Some proponents of Critical Race Theory are resorting to semantic gaslighting to defend a dogma that most Americans instinctively abhor. This is false - it has spread through to schools.

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