What can I do about it?

Identify the warning signs

Schools will seldom admit that they are teaching CRT indoctrination to your children. But there are many early warning signs that you can look for. These include:

  • Your child becomes insecure when dealing with a child of another race
  • Your children stop making friends across racial lines
  • The school, or your child, starts applying different rules, expectations, or standards to children of different races
  • The school warns you against committing ‘cultural appropriation’ or any of the other misleading words common to the CRT lexicon
  • Your children are told to be ashamed about their history, culture, background or privilege
  • The school starts endorsing third-party political and ideological movements or having special days or events to celebrate these
  • The school asks children to recognise and apologise for their privilege
  • The school allows children to form racially segregated groups or associations
  • Teachers are grouped into racially distinct bodies or have segregated meetings

If you spot any of these signs then your child or the school they attend may be exposed to CRT indoctrination – and you need to show up and get involved.

Read and learn

Learn everything you can about the theory, its origins, and major arguments. You need to know what your children are being taught. Only if you know what is going on and why CRT is so dangerous will you be in a position to confront your school and teachers and put a stop to it. The articles and resources on this website are a good place to start.

Let us brief you

If you are concerned about what is happening in your children’s school then get in touch with us for one of our analysts to host a briefing for a group of fellow concerned parents and teachers. At such a briefing we will explain the theory, its origins, why it is so damaging to children, and what you can do about it. We will happily schedule such an event on Zoom or MSTeams at no cost to you. 

Show up and get involved

  • Show up at parents’ evenings. Ask teachers and governing bodies direct questions about whether they are teaching any aspect of CRT and request them to set out the details
  • Ask class teachers to supply you with the full details of the curriculum they are teaching and lesson plans so that you can identify early warning signs of CRT
  • Write letters to your headmaster or senior teachers or board of governors asking them to explain in writing whether they are teaching CRT to children

Organise a Concerned Parents Group

Set up a concerned parents group to lobby your school to stop indoctrinating your children. By getting a group of parents and teachers together you will have the numbers to make sure you are heard and your objections are heeded.

Report CRT in your school

If you suspect that there is CRT indoctrination being taught in your child’s school and you feel unable to confront it yourself then you do have the option, via this website, to report your fears to us. We will then follow up with the school in question on your behalf and ask them to explain what they are teaching. We understand how much intimidation of parents and concerned teachers is happening in some of South Africa’s schools. We will protect your confidentiality and we will not disclose your name to the school in question or to any third party.

To report CRT indoctrination complete the following form.

Spread the word

Help other parents and schools by spreading the word and educating them about the dangers of CRT. That is the best way to ensure that we keep CRT indoctrination out of our schools.

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