Identify the warning signs

Schools will seldom admit that they are teaching CRT indoctrination to your children. But there are many early warning signs that you can look for. These include:

  • Your child becomes insecure when dealing with a child of another race
  • Your children stop making friends across racial lines
  • The school, or your child, starts applying different rules, expectations, or standards to children of different races
  • The school warns you against committing ‘cultural appropriation’ or any of the other misleading words common to the CRT lexicon
  • Your children are told to be ashamed about their history, culture, background or privilege
  • The school starts endorsing third-party political and ideological movements or having special days or events to celebrate these
  • The school asks children to recognise and apologise for their privilege
  • The school allows children to form racially segregated groups or associations
  • Teachers are grouped into racially distinct bodies or have segregated meetings

If you spot any of these signs then your child or the school they attend may be exposed to CRT indoctrination – and you need to show up and get involved.

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