[Video] Kemi Badenoch: The problem with critical race theory
Fraser Nelson
Oct 24, 2020

Even now, months after the event, Labour MPs have not forgiven Kemi Badenoch for saying that Britain is one of the best countries in the world in which to be black. It was during the Black Lives Matter protests and many politicians — including Sir Keir Starmer — were ‘taking the knee’ to show fealty to its cause.

Why Schools Are Teaching Our Kids “Social Justice”
James Lindsay
Oct 17, 2020

The Woke have a very specific conception of the world and a very specific mission that has everything to do with that conception. Most of us, going about our daily lives and getting hit with Critical Social Justice — the ideology that leads one to become “woke” — don’t understand this.

[Video] What You Need to Know About Critical Race Theory
The Rubin Report
Sep 23, 2020

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Christopher Rufo (writer, filmmaker) about his reporting on critical race theory and Donald Trump’s executive order banning government agencies from receiving training involving critical race theory.

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