Why Is Critical Race Theory Dangerous For Our Kids?
Marsha Balckburn
Dec 20, 2021

A seven-year-old comes home from school saying, “I’m ashamed that I’m White. Is there something wrong with me? Why am I hated so much?” In terms of the tenets of CRT this is the desired result of her lessons. This mental and emotional trauma is seeping into every classroom in America.

CRT places targets on backs of Jews and others
Dec 13, 2021

Joel Goldenberg of The Suburban writes on an interview conducted with former New York Times op-ed page editor Bari Weiss and Tablet senior writer Liel Leibovitz. The event was entitled "Antisemitism: Old hate new vocabulary."

Are private schools being racialised surreptitiously?
Caiden Lang
Dec 06, 2021

The growth of CRT in private schools appears to owe its genesis in policies based on Critical Race Theory to promote "transformation" and "anti-racism". Caiden Lang analyses this apparently worrying development that seems to have taken hold from 2018.

[Video] Critical Race Theory is TAKING OVER the workplace
David Ansara
Dec 01, 2021

This is an interview hosted David Ansara of the Centre for Risk Analysis with HELEN PLUCKROSE, British academic who writes extensively on Critical Race Theory and has co-authored 'Cynical Theories' with Dr. James Lindsay on the philosophical underpinnings of CRT.

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