A short answer

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theory that holds that every society is divided into two absolute and unbridgeable, racially determined groups. The first is the black group. Its members are permanently disadvantaged victims of a society which is set up to enforce black poverty and underdevelopment. The second is the white group. Its members are permanently privileged and perpetrate various crimes against the black group in order to secure their unearned privilege and maintain black poverty.

According to CRT thinkers, modern societies are structured to maintain white privilege and black disadvantage. The trappings of modern liberal democracies, including capitalism, the free market, freedom of speech, private enterprise, and the rule of law, must therefore be dismantled by the state to liberate the black group from poverty and relieve the white group of its unearned privilege.

CRT thinkers also argue that individuals in society have very little agency or moral responsibility. Their character and role in society is assigned to them at birth by their race.

The conclusion that CRT thinkers arrive at is that until modern liberal democracies are broken down, with all economic and social power handed to the state, no black person can hope to become better off through their own efforts, while no white person can do anything that cleanses them of their guilt and crimes against black people.

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