[Video] Critical Race Theory is TAKING OVER the workplace
David Ansara
Dec 01, 2021

This is an interview hosted David Ansara of the Centre for Risk Analysis with HELEN PLUCKROSE, British academic who writes extensively on Critical Race Theory and has co-authored 'Cynical Theories' with Dr. James Lindsay on the philosophical underpinnings of CRT.

Critical Social Justice and Ideological Totalism in South African Schools: A Brief Overview
Caiden Lang
Oct 08, 2021

Caiden Lang suggests that proponents of Critical Race Theory and its offshoot, 'anti-racism', employ unethical methods of influence to gain adherents to their worldview – methods that could reasonably be considered indoctrination to varying degrees of intensity. As such, CRT should be treated as a religion in that it should be taught about instead of affirmed as true, as is the case in many South African schools.

Why worry about Critical Race Theory? – Part 2
Terence Corrigan
Sep 28, 2021

In the second article on the subject Terence writes a very thoughtful consideration of the ideology of CRT and why CRT is a concept that must be brought into the open and challenged. This article first appeared on Sept 27, 2021.

Why worry about Critical Race Theory? – Part 1
Terence Corrigan
Sep 16, 2021

Terence Corrigan of the SA Institute of Race Relations considers whether there is scope for interpretation of CRT and whether there is merit to the charge that its opponents attribute rather too much to CRT.

Critical Race Theory Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Fight It
Sep 15, 2021

CRT as a dangerous and divisive ideology is examined as placing a moral value to people on the basis of their skin color. History provides clarity as to why singling out a particular racial or ethnic group as can quickly lead us to a very bad place. The author also discusses how to respond to CRT.

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